Code of Conduct for MDMC Philippines

An important and defining document, this CODE OF CONDUCT outlines obligations of members and directors, riding rules and the disciplinary process. It is the product of dialogue and debate among the members and was proudly adopted at our Quarterly General Meeting (QGM) on 11 June 2000. It is not meant to cover all specific circumstances. Rather, it serves to articulate the essence of behavior expected of all Mad Dogs --- behavior in terms of public image, safety, and, most importantly, brotherhood.
Common sense and logic rule; concern and respect for fellow members and the Club prevail.
Obligations of members are also applicable to Directors, Committee Chairmen, Sgts.-at-Arms and other appointed officials. It is expected these elected and appointed office holders will lead by example and perform their duties in a fair, unbiased and responsive manner. Any misuse of authority will be investigated by the BoD and could result in appropriate disciplinary action.
DUES AND CONSUMABLES: Members are expected to pay dues and consumables on or before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) generally held the first Saturday of December. Any member unable to meet this deadline for financial reasons should explain this in writing to the Board of Directors (BoD) for consideration. Members who fail to meet the payment schedule and do not notify the BoD of special financial circumstances within 30 days after the AGM, subject themselves to possible dismissal and return of colors to the Club. Reapplication for membership is subject to BoD approval under terms the BoD deems appropriate to the circumstances.
ATTENDANCE: Members are expected to support the Club, the Clubhouse and official Club activities. Attendance at QGM and the AGM are mandatory as well as certain rides. In the event a member cannot attend a mandatory activity or ride, written, advance notice must be submitted. Failure to submit written apologies will result in a P1,000 fine.
BEHAVIOR: Members should insure their behavior is at all times in keeping with the privilege of belonging to the most prestigious motorcycle club in the Philippines. Actions deemed by the BoD to have a negative impact on the Club will be grounds for sanctions.
COLORS: Colors should be worn with pride and treated with respect. Members are encouraged to wear Colors whenever on the road as it increases awareness of the Club; however, Colors are mandatory for all official rides and functions. Failure to wear Colors for official rides and functions will result in a fine and possible sanctions.